Choosing the Best Bridal Designer Shoes 

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. There is, therefore, nothing ordinary about your wedding day. This is a day that should be full of memories and glamour. From the wedding gown, the venue to the floral arrangement, nothing should be left to chance. The wedding gown is one part of the wedding that people work hard to get the best. When choosing the best wedding dresses, people usually forget about wedding shoes. Wedding shoes add to the appearance of your dress. The wrong bridal shoes can take away the elegance of your wedding dress. The right bridal shoes will have the bride looking beautiful from head to toe.  As can be expected, designer shoes always offer the best options when buying bridal shoes. Here are some tips to use when choosing bridal shoes. .  Gain more understanding about wedding shoes at

Style and beauty are important when choosing bridal shoes. However, you should always prioritize comfort. You will spend most of your wedding day on your feet. There is nothing enjoyable about shoes that hurt your feet. Standing for long periods in shoes that are not comfortable is likely to cause discomfort or even blisters that can hurt. It is therefore wise to choose shoes that are both elegant and comfortable. With comfortable shoes, you will be able to walk, dance and stand for long hours without any discomfort to your feet.  Be excited to our most important info about vintage wedding shoes.

In most cases, the most important part of bridal shoes is the front. Most brides wear floor length wedding gowns that usually cover most of the shoe. However, whatever the length the of the dress, the tip of the shoe will be visible. Pay more attention to the front and tip of the shoe when choosing bridal shoes. Pick a shoe that matches or complements the color of your wedding dress. If you are almost the same height as the groom, it is advisable to keep off stilettos. These high-heeled shoes are also not very comfortable when you have to stand for extended periods. 

Wedding shoes come in many designs and colors. A bride can easily get overwhelmed when choosing from the different choices, but with a little help, one can make the right choice. Bridal shoe designers such as Rachel Simpson can help you through the process. Rachel Simpson boasts of some of the most elegant designer bridal shoes in the UK. In addition to vintage wedding shoes, Rachel Simpson also incorporates a wide variety of other wedding shoe styles. The shoes are both elegant, beautiful and comfortable. Book an appointment to visit the Rachel Simpson showroom and see the entire collection. You can also shop for the shoes online. Take a look at the information about designer shoes at